Pacific North West Fieldhockey

About PNW Field Hockey


At PNWFHC we coach, train and evaluate based on the concept of self-learning. We believe in teaching field hockey by asking and guiding players, instead of telling them what to do.

Our Athletes are actively involved, we encourage them to think critically about skills, tactics, motivation and how they can apply those in a way that improves their field hockey game. This will not only make them better field hockey players, it also learns them life skills such as to be resilient, creative and responsible.

Our training sessions will be intense, out of the box and fun. Our goal is not only to make you a better field hockey player, but also a smarter field hockey player. At PNWFHC we don't care how much field hockey experience you have. And we certainly do not care about your background or ethnicity. We just want to help you realize your full field hockey potential.


During the years at Rutgers Field Hockey Roland took yearly tests about the NCAA rules and the recruitment process. Roland has all the ins and outs about the recruiting process and has many contacts in the College Field Hockey world.


A lot of players would like to play in college after their High School or club career. PNWFH can help to guide you in the right direction. We are going to the College Showcases on the East Coast and we will help you communicate with colleges later in the process.


Giving and Receiving feedback is very important in our club. Communication on/off the field is major success factor in a team. When you become a member of PNWFHC we will offer an online environment. Here you can post skill video's, that team members and staff can review and comment on, have access to your progress and evaluations reports and much more. That is PNWFHC making sure you can also keep learning off the field!